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agv car

TIME:2019/5/5 14:10:26   click: 4394

The rapid development of modern logistics has given birth to the research and development, manufacturing and promotion and application of logistics handling robots.AGV cars come in season.AGV robot is also known as unmanned carrying robot.It was built in 1953 from a tractor.After more than 60 years of development, AGV car has developed into a modern large-scale logistics handling and distribution artifact.

AGV robot can achieve unmanned driving, mainly by the role of navigation and guidance, currently used for navigation and guidance of the main technologies are: coordinate navigation, electromagnetic navigation, magnetic tape navigation, optical navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation, visual navigation, GPS navigation and other technologies.High-precision positioning and navigation technology has made great progress, and the accuracy is breathtaking.Typical accuracy ranges from 5cm to 10cm, and up to 2cm in ideal unobstructed environments, while the new generation of high-precision positioning has an accuracy of 1mm.

Among several navigation technologies, electromagnetic navigation is a traditional technology, and many systems are still used at present.Magnetic tape navigation and electromagnetic navigation technology are similar, one is the use of buried wire guidance, one is the use of ground magnetic tape guidance.Visual navigation is the use of color difference, so that the machine automatically identify the active path.The laser navigation does not need other auxiliary facilities, the robot through the laser beam to determine the path.In terms of cost, one is more expensive than the other, and laser navigation is the most expensive;In terms of accuracy, one is higher than the other, and laser navigation is the most expensive.

AGV cars are mainly used in large warehouses, logistics and transportation, and in-factory supply chain. However, they are also used in many fields, such as industrial manufacturing, automobile assembly, power and petrochemical. In addition, they can also be promoted and applied in intelligent buildings, intelligent old-age care, digital computer rooms and other places.Because of its powerful positioning function, the AGV robot can also be used for construction, transportation and personnel safety management in highway tunnels, railway tunnels, underground pipe corridors and other places.