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Why does intelligent manufacturing favor agv cars

TIME:2019/4/26 20:25:39   click: 3701

1) sound and light warning

Semaphones: the AGV is equipped with eye-catching semaphones and an electronic music player to remind the operators around it to get out of the way.

Sound-light alarm: in case of failure, AGV will automatically conduct sound-light alarm and inform AGV monitoring system through wireless communication.

2) AGV system protection: the software security protection function of AGV scheduling system in the case of multiple agvs working together.It not only ensures that multiple agvs can work simultaneously without interfering with each other, but also handles car emergencies quickly.And it can monitor the whole working process of the car.

3) photoelectric protection: the peripheral of AGV is equipped with infrared non-contact anti-collision sensor, infrared sensor and limit stop device of anti-collision mechanism based on the principle of automobile bumper.

Once the AGV car senses an obstacle within a certain range, it will slow down. If the obstacle is located in a closer range, it will stop driving until the obstacle is removed, and then the AGV will automatically resume normal driving.Even if the photoelectric induction equipment failure, hao sheng safety protection and anti-collision touch side, as long as it is the scene of personnel or other equipment, touch the AGV youwang, youwang AGV will hold the brake stop, will not cause injury to people or things.