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What is the future development trend of AGV car?

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Application of backpack AGV: The main way of work is to put the goods directly on the body of AGV or on the material frame and then on the body of AGV. It can replace the material worker to complete the material distribution and empty material recovery, and realize the automation of material distribution. It is suitable for the production system with large transportation volume or the construction of flexible production lines using multiple AGV.

In the next few years, AGV car will appear in the workshop of manufacturing industry. AGV car as an automated unmanned handling, equipment can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. At the same time, some "impossible tasks" can be accomplished skillfully and quickly. For example, the assembly workshop of large equipment such as automobile, aerospace and chemical industry introduced AGV trolley to realize automatic point-to-point access and handling operation, to achieve refinement, flexibility, informatization, shorten logistics time, reduce commodity consumption, and reduce the cost of construction investment.

1. High-speed. The application of new materials in automobile, 3C industry, national defense, aerospace and other industries requires higher speed of handling robots.

2. Flexibility. Automation and informationization require the handling robot to improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency of parts and shorten the manufacturing cycle of products.

3. High accuracy. AGV intelligent handling car is required to improve the accuracy of operation, monitoring and obstacle avoidance.

4. Information exchange and networking. The market needs mobile robots to have two-way, high-speed networking communication function, so it is very important to ensure the unimpeded flow of information between various departments.

5. Intelligent control. To adapt to various manufacturing industries, the intelligent degree of handling robots is constantly improving.

6. High reliability. Handling robots need to be manufactured strictly and have clear reliability objectives, as well as to analyze failure modes and identify weak links through maintenance so as to continuously improve and innovate and increase reliability.

7. The application of multimedia technology. AGV intelligent handling robot greatly facilitates the use of non-professional users, can be directly operated through the Android operating interface menu or tablet.

With the development of intelligent manufacturing, advanced technologies such as robotic arm, AGV, big data and so on make the production mode of traditional manufacturing industry change efficiently. For example, AGV robot improves the operation efficiency of logistics system, greatly improves the intelligent level of manufacturing industry, improves the working environment of workers, and reduces the human cost of enterprises.

AGV trolley is widely used in various fields because of its flexible transfer, automatic handling, safe dispatch and efficient loss control.

1. In the retail sector, Gome Buy Jingdong, Ali and Suning Houdun launched AGV robotic warehouses in Guangzhou and Tianjin during the 818 Hi-Shopping Festival, which greatly improved the operational efficiency of warehousing. Thousands of AGV trolleys, with much higher efficiency, lower cost and error rate than manual work, deal with customers'mass parcels day and night, and ensure the operation efficiency of AGV robot warehouse to the greatest extent.

2. In the field of 3C electronics, Huawei, the leader in 3C automation production, is equipped with AGV unmanned carrier in its factory. AGV carries goods along a fixed track. When obstacles are found one meter ahead, AGV can stop automatically and issue warnings to ensure higher efficiency. AGV trolley can not only carry materials and finished products automatically on the automatic production line, but also adjust the route of AGV transportation according to the adjustment of production process to form a flexible production line.

3. In the field of tobacco, AGV system effectively improves the automation and information level of tobacco leaf management. It not only reduces manpower and improves work efficiency, but also improves the traceability of tobacco leaf and the level of tobacco leaf quality management. The application of AGV in tobacco industry is mainly the automatic transportation of auxiliary materials. AGV completes the recovery of mausoleum while delivering materials, such as the transportation of auxiliary materials from automatic stereo warehouse to winding and contracting unit.

In addition, only according to the requirements of automation, flexibility and punctuality of material handling industry, can AGVS, which is composed of automatic steering system, automatic loading and unloading system, communication system, safety system and management system, really play its role.

Shenzhen Youwangte Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on intelligent robots since 2006. It is engaged in R&D, production, sales and service of AGV, logistics car, AGV car, intelligent booster, intelligent robot and other products. It is a high-tech enterprise with steady development and rapid growth.

With the development of real economy, manufacturing industry, Internet of Things technology and robotics technology, the company has rapidly entered the intelligent robotics industry with its keen sense of smell and awareness. Since 2006, it has been testing AGV mobile robots and motion platforms. So far, it has made great achievements in the industry. We look forward to cooperating with people from all walks of life in many ways to achieve common development and create a better future.

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