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ARE Shenzhen 2018

TIME:2019/5/31 9:10:05   click: 4072
The 2008 Shenzhen Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition, referred to as "ARE Shenzhen 2018", will be grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from 12 to 14 September, 2018. The exhibition will involve AGV cart | Intelligent Logistics Storage Robot | AGV forklift truck, industrial robots and parts, intelligent factory solutions, industrial automation, intelligent robots, 3D printing, machine vision sensors, customization of non-standard equipment and industrial assembly lines as South China and even China's industrial areas Exhibitors can easily and efficiently obtain sales leads, promote new products, establish corporate and brand image to further enhance market competitiveness.

"Shenzhen International Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition 2018" represents an irresistible integration trend of industrial automation and robotics in South China and even the whole industrial manufacturing field. The exhibition focuses on industrial applications and covers a wide range of fields, such as electronic appliances, machinery, electromechanical, automotive manufacturing, hardware, mold, metal processing, steel, metallurgy, energy and power, rubber, plastic, packaging, food, medicine and so on. Over the years, the successful holding of the exhibition and the increasing influence of the scale and brand of the exhibition have provided an ideal trade and exhibition platform for every industry enterprise that wishes to occupy a place in the 4.0 tide of industry, and to meet the demand of professional buyers for one-stop and efficient procurement to the greatest extent, thus greatly boosting the South China regional system. Transformation, upgrading and leaping development of manufacturing industry.