Carrying agv robots Unmanned motion automatic guided vehicle (AGV)


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Shenzhen Uwangte technology high stability AGV, now all mass production, spot supply!

AGV robot is a non-standard customized intelligent device, the appearance size is different, the price is different, so please contact us before placing an order, and then give an accurate quotation after a detailed evaluation. Manufacturer customized direct sales! Thank you for your understanding!

The product description

Its main features are:

1. Size according to the requirements of custom, with other required functions;

2. Delicate drive module design, no skid, light and free operation, strong bend turning;

3. Dive into type, bearing type, traction type, automatic positioning, with automatic expansion bar in the middle, large tension, can be customized;

4. In situ rotation technology, turn around on the line, very suitable for most of the channels and other space limited occasions;

5. The car body is equipped with operation keys, easy to operate (press and go, stop automatically at the station), without professional training;

6. Operation speed up to 1m/s (speed can be adjusted at will), to meet the vast majority of workshop logistics needs;

7. Multi-level safety protection configuration, long distance deceleration - >; Close stop - >; Collision emergency stop;

QR code navigation

1, two-dimensional code navigation, support forward, backward, in situ rotation of 360 degrees, small radius of rotation, high positioning accuracy;

2, Flexible motion control, maximum operating speed up to 1.5m/s;

3, multi-container handling: support a number of goods less than 50kg warehousing, handling, etc.;

4, Intelligent/independent power management: low power independent charging, maintenance-free lithium battery, safe and pollution-free;

5. Multiple safety protection: front and rear laser obstacle avoidance, collision bar, emergency stop button, sound alarm and other safety protection;

6. Equipment status indicator: display screen, indicator light and other real-time status information;

7, Wireless network communication, support WIFI network communication and seamless roaming, network coverage area barrier-free operation;

8, support customization: according to different application scenarios, boxes, shelves, the use of the site to do customized.

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